Choosing Swift Solutions For Bobsweep

Is it possible to imagine hockey players playing as the zamboni is busy smoothing the ice? How bout a football game going on whilst the outfield is being mowed? Can you imagine playing basketball while someone sweeps the floor around you? Needless to say not! Only in the game of golf can you see play continue while maintenance will be performed. Atlanta divorce attorneys other sport the maintenance is completed when play is suspended. Unfortunately, except in the pro ranks, that is not the case with golf.

Certainly one of my biggest pet peeves is once you encounter a maintenance worker on the golf course that distracts me or affects my round in a poor way. You might ask, “What’s the big deal? He’s just a harmless guy on a mower.” Well, it doesn’t have to become a big deal. In fact, it shouldn’t be! That should be all he is. Golf is a hard enough sport to start with. The last thing you will need when you’re trying to shoot a decent score is someone driving past you on a loud mower while you’re in the center of your swing.

We’ve all been in those types of situations. You know what I’m talking about. Have you ever encountered the guy mowing the fairway right where you’re aiming without caring that you’re on the tee; someone zipping around in a bunker alongside the green without care that you’re trying to make a ten footer for bogey; or my personal favorite, the guy mowing the rough that isn’t focusing and ultimately ends up cutting your ball in half? Most of these interactions occur all the time in golf. But every now and then you get ones which can be special. You know, this one real idiot who obviously has never played the overall game and has no notion of proper etiquette on the golf course.

For the record, I’m only allowed to fairly share maintenance workers because I have now been one. I’m well aware of the challenges of the position. I’m also well alert to how a course bobsweep and its management want a maintenance worker to do his/her job. And the story I’m about to tell is not an example of how maintenance must be done.


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